Our World

Our world is divided in Land and Water. About 70% of the world is water and 30% is land. The world’s water is divided in 5 Oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic and Arctic Oceans (largest to smallest). The pacific is the largest and the Arctic is the smallest ocean. The land is divided in 7 continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia (largest to smallest). Asia is the largest and Australia is the smallest continent.

In our world there are more than 200 countries. 193 countries are member of United Nations. Russia is the largest country in terms of area, and China is the largest country in terms of population.

Largest Countries (by Area)

  1. Russia
  2. Canada
  3. United States

Largest Countries (by Population)

  1. China
  2. India
  3. United States

Most Populous Cities of the World

  1. Shanghai, China
  2. Karachi, Pakistan
  3. Beijing, China


  • The Largest producer of Uranium is Kazakhstan
  • The Largest emitter of Carbondioxide in the atmosphere is China
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  • The Lowest part of the Earth is Dead Sea
  • The Lowest temperature ever recorded on the Earth is -89.2 °C
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Important Historical Events (Short Introduction)
- The outbreak of World War II
- D-Day
- The Berlin Wall
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International Organizations

United Nations Organization (UNO)

Founded:24 October 1945
Secretary General:Ban Ki-Moon (of South Korea)
Headquarter:New York, USA

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European Union (EU)
Founded:01 November 1993

Jean-Claude (Commission)
Donald Tusk (Council)
Headquarter:Brussels, Belgium

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Treaty Signed:04 April 1949
Secretary General:Jens Stoltenberg (of Norway)
Headquarter:Brussels, Belgium

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Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
Founded:25 September 1969
Secretary General:Iyad bin Amin (Saudi Arabia)
Secretariat:Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Developing 8 Countries (D-8 Countries)
Founded:15 June 1997
Secretary General:Dr. Ali Mousavi (of Iran)
Secretariat:Istanbul, Turkey

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South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)
Founded:08 December 1985
Secretary General:Arjun Bahadur Thapa (Nepal)
Secretariat:Kathmandu, Nepal

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