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FPSC Lecturer Test

FPSC Lecturer Test Preparation Material. Recruitment Test For The Post Of Lecturers BS-17 by Federal Public Service Commission.

TIME TABLE for general recruitment screening test Phase-I/2014. And find syllabus for the upcoming lecturer tests (Advertisement No.01/2014) at bottom of the page of FPSC Jobs.

FPSC Lecturer Test Preparation

English Section
> English Section Weightage and Syllabus
> English Section Sample Questions
> FPSC Vocabulary
> English MCQs

Education Section
> Education Section Weightage and Syllabus
> Education Sample Questions
> Education Key Concepts
> Education Development in Pakistan | MCQs
> Education in Pakistan | MCQs
> New Education Policy | MCQs


Islamic Studies
> FPSC Islamic Studies Lecturer Test
> Islamic Studies MCQs

> FPSC Urdu Lecturer Test

History and Pakistan Studies
> Short History in Urdu
> Short History in English
> History MCQs in Urdu
> Pakistan History MCQs
> History MCQs
> Islamic Studies MCQs

English Subject Test
> FPSC English Lecturer Test (Subject Test)
> English MCQs

> FPSC Physics Lecturer Test
> Physics MCQs

> FPSC Mathematics Lecturer Test
> GRE Mathematics Subject Test
> GAT Mathematics Subject Test
> Mathematics Subject Test
> Mathematics MCQs

Welcome to the web page of FPSC Lecturer Test Preparation Material. FPSC takes Tests for Lecturers BS-17 throught the year. The recruitment process is little bit lengthy, but very clean and entirely on merit. Successful candidates could be appointed/posted anywhere in Pakistan.

The eligibility for the job is MA/MSc (or sixteen year education) in the relevant Subject with atleast second division.

Test Pattern

FPSC Lecturer Test is divided in 3 sections:

  1. English
    Number of Questions: 20
  2. Subject Test
    Number of Questions: 50
  3. Education
    Number of Questions: 30

Test Pattern for English & Islamic Studies

For English & Islamic Studies the Test is divided in 2 sections:

  1. Subject Test
    Number of Questions: 70
  2. Education
    Number of Questions: 30

Total Number of Questions: 100
Time Allowed: 100 minutes
Negative Marking: NO

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