US Presidential Elections 2016

It matters a lot within the USA as well as across the globe that which American political party is in power there and with what foreign policy..

UN Climate Change Conference

International community is facing a non-traditional challenge which is 'Climate Change' caused by a number of factors under the..

Revival of Putin's Russia

Not conceding to the legacy of Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, Russian President 'Vladimir Putin' has been ruling the country since 1999..

Syrian Civil War

A series of demonstrations conducted in the wake of Arab Spring of 2011 against the Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad gradually turned into..

Rising China

Keeping itself abreast with the commandments of Mao Zedong and the necessities of the transforming world, China is rising effectively..

Afghan War

Following the September 11 Al-Qaeda led attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, the then American President G. W. Bush launched..

ISIS militant organization

Established in 1999 as a local Jihadi group in Iraq, the modern day's "Islamic State of Iraq & Levant" has emerged to be a leading terror..

Europe's Mass Migrants Crisis

War rarely leaves any home for a peaceful life. Middle East today has most of its countries either under the foreign attacks or indulged in..

United States of America

Barack Obama (since 20 January 2009)
Vice President
Joe Biden (since 20 January 2009)
Secretary of State
John Kerry (since 01 February 2013)


Vladimir Putin (since 07 May 2012)
Prime Minister
Dmitry Medvedev (since 08 May 2012)
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Sergey Lavrov (since 9 March 2004)


Xi Jinping (since 14 March 2013)
Li Keqiang (since 15 March 2013)
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Wang Yi (since 16 March 2013)

United Kingdom

Elizabeth II (since 06 February 1952)
Prime Minister
David Cameron (since 11 May 2010)
Secretary of State
Philip Hammond (since 14 July 2014)


Francois Hollande (since 15 May 2012)
Prime Minister
Manuel Valls (since 1 April 2014)
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Laurent Fabius (since 16 May 2012)